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Original Author: Rtn Tony Cama

Mr. Louie Ocampo Gutierrez, the managing Director of the BGC Community Farm, extended a special invitation to TGP Allan Palacio and Rtn Tony Cama for an exclusive walk-through of his farm, nestled just behind the S&R in BGC. This avant-garde initiative provides an extensive selection of organic vegetables that guests can personally harvest, presenting a distinctive and enriching farm-to-table experience.

During the tour, the staff graciously offered us a beverage made from their freshly harvested veggies, showcasing the farm’s dedication to sustainability and fresh, wholesome produce. Additionally, we were invited to relax and enjoy various veggie-based snacks in the cozy, greenhouse-style structure on the premises.

Furthermore, we learned that the farm also serves as a versatile space for hosting small parties and meetings, reflecting its potential for fostering community engagement and sustainable living practices. TGP Allan Palacio and Rtn Tony Cama expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to explore the BGC Community Farm and its commitment to promoting organic, locally-sourced produce and community-centric gatherings.

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