[REPOST] Harvesting the Bounty: Exploring the Organic Vegetable Paradise of BGC Community Farm

Reposted from: https://web.facebook.com/groups/peopleofaction/permalink/3598465937086055/?mibextid=oMANbw Original Author: Rtn Tony Cama Mr. Louie Ocampo Gutierrez, the managing Director of the BGC Community Farm, extended a special invitation to TGP Allan Palacio and Rtn Tony Cama for an exclusive walk-through of his farm, nestled just behind the S&R in BGC. This avant-garde initiative provides an extensive selection of organic […]

Urban Farming in BGC

As more people came to the Bel-Air site, the time soon came for Urban Farmers PH to expand to reach a wider audience. Thankfully the organization, through FBDC, was given access to and the responsibility for managing an unused lot in Bonifacio Global City. Since March 2022, the organization has been the steward of the […]